Main Admission

Faculty of Engineering

Admission-01           The Faculty of Engineering has been the flagship of KMITL since its establishment almost 50 years ago, and is one of the best engineering faculties in Thailand. Its missions are to provide the best education for students with rigorous theoretical knowledge and practical skills and know-hows and to advance knowledge and research in all major areas of engineering. The faculty provides modern and advanced equipments and laboratories for all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Faculty of Architecture

          The Faculty of Architecture provides education and advance knowledge in all major fields of architecture with emphasis on the creation of sustainable designed environment. The faculty provides education programs and research to foster critical and creative thinking, preparing graduates to be ethical and effective change agents in a local, national and global context. This is achieved through the provision of excellence in teaching and research, both in underlying theoretical concepts as well as applications.

Faculty of Industrial Education

          The Faculty of Industrial Education aims to produce qualified industrial education teachers in the fields of Architectural Education, Engineering Education, Industrial Education, Agricultural Education, English for Specific Purposes, Applied Linguistics-English for Science and Technology, Japanese and Industrial Management. The faculty also offers fundamental courses in languages, humanities and social science for students of all faculties at KMITL.

Faculty of Science

          The Faculty of Science provides education and advances research in applied science especially in areas related to industrial development of the nation. Students are required to carry out industrial projects as part of their training, thereby gaining both theoretical and practical experience. Such academic responsibilities have made progress in science and technology oriented education which is essential to the country development.

Faculty of Agriculture

          Agriculture is a vital foundation of sustainable social and economic development of Thailand. Agricultural technology improves productivity, efficiency and quality of agriculture products. The Faculty of Agricultural Technology provides education and advances research in the fields of agricultural technology, including plant and animal productions, agro-business management, plant pest management, soil science, horticulture and fisheries science to serve the agricultural industry of the nation.

Faculty of Information Technology

          In recognition of importance and impacts of information technology to the nation’s economy and society development, KMITL has established the faculty of information technology since 1994 to provide education and advances research across the discipline of computing and information technology. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered with rigorous theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are strongly relevant to industry. The faculty holds an education center in the downtown of Bangkok to provide postgraduate courses for working students.

Faculty of Agroindustry

          The Faculty of Agroindustry provides education and advances research in science and technology areas that support and strengthen the agricultural industry of the country. The Faculty also offers foundation courses in science, food science and related technology in order to develop appropriate technology for agricultural product processing.

International College

          To accelerate toward international recognition and education standard, KMITL has established an International College since 2005 as an autonomous organization. The International College oversees the quality of international programs as well as establishes joint degree programs with overseas universities. The International College at KMITL aims to be a center of international education, which provides education in science and technology, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Presently, the college offers international postgraduate programs, including M.Sc. and MBA programs in International Management of Resources and Environment (Double Degree) in collaboration with Technical University of Freiberg, Germany, M.Sc. program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in Science and Technology Management.

Chumphon Campus

          KMITL has a remote campus in the province of Chumphon to provide education and knowledge for students and academic services for industry in the southern provinces of Thailand
          KMITL at Chumphon Campus has been established, under the resolution of the council of ministers on June 20, 1995, to serve the government’s policy and to provide opportunities for education to the rural areas.

Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC)

          Nanotechnology is one of the three basis technologies which will drive a new wave of innovation and will empower the growth of the new ‘molecular economy’ as we are entering into the 21st century. Recognizing the inevitable impacts of nanotechnology, KMITL and Nanotechnology center (NANOTEC) of National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) have jointly set up a research center of excellence in nanotechnology in 2006. The center is one of the seven networking national research centers across the country in nanotechnology. The mission of the center is to provide higher education and advance research and knowledge in the emerging fields of nanotechnology.

Data Storage Technology and Applications Research Center(DSTAR)

           Thailand is currently the world’s second largest hard disk drives (HDD) manufacturing base and exporter with around 20% of the world market share. The HDD industry has created huge demand of employment and local second/third tiers of HDD parts manufacturers. It has also contributed significantly to the growth of electrical and electronics industry in Thailand. Therefore, the government has pledged to support the HDD industry to bring Thailand to the world’s largest HDD manufacturing base and exporter. To support the government initiatives, KMITL and National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) of National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) have jointly set up a collaborative research center in data storage technology and applications in 2006. The center is one of the three networking national research centers that will support and strengthen the HDD industry in Thailand.. The mission of the center is to provide higher education and advance research and knowledge in data storage technology, including optical, magnetic and future emerging data storage technologies.