Student's Life

          Majorly having been responsible for livings of the students and the personnels of the institution, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang maintained policies of services to them all such as health service, health center, and sports center, etc. to make the living of students and personnels better. All services must be reached at ease.

Library Service

          One of the most important services is library service. Students and people of KMITL could reach the service to gain educational knowledge with convenient library activities. Library services must be a significant source of student knowledge and education services; books, educational media, and more must be served at ease, as well.

Computer and internet services

          Computer and internet services modernly majorly become essential sources for the lives of learning. KMITL has acknowledged the essential of such the services and has provided choices of the services covering the campus. Major services of such the servings could be campus networks, wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, and others to be served covering the major points. The central computer and network services could be provided to be covered all major buildings and service activities. The services could be reached at Central Library, Faculties, Offices, Dormitories, and more covering areas to be educationally and recreationally served.

Student dormitories

          Dormitories appear to be optionally necessary for students having home very far away from KMITL. However, anyone living in dormitory must strictly follows the regulations of the institutional dormitories for the fact that Safety must be one of the first important educational conditions.

Health Center

          Health center becomes the healthy unit for welfare serve to the members. Unhealthy ones could conveniently reach and get the health service of hospitality. The health center becomes the place to help students and all with health problems to return to their healthy conditions very soon. Welfare Health Service is necessary and helpful for anyone having opportunity of illness. Having been in healthy lives, students and all people of the campus must be successfully in schools and in works.

Sports and recreational facilities

          King Mongkut's Institute Of Technology Ladkrabang has provided the Sports Center, swimming pool, tennis courts, and sports fields to serve the people of the campus for the fitness and sports activities. The services must be helpful for the students and personnels to have their bodies of healthy conditions and to have their times of good events and recreation.

Student clubs

          Many student clubs become the groups of students joining the common extra activities beneficial for socials of the campus. The students joining the activities could be learnt how to deal with people effectively and could be helpful for the practical classes as well.

Developing minds

          King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang has always fostered the development of minds to students and personnel of the institution by provide the great change of moral and Buddhism activities. Many moral activities have been dealt. Many clubs of developing minds could be theones of moral activity performances the members could be acting their moral lives and also could be working in groups with moral minds.